About the Centre

The New Zealand Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Centre (SIERC), established August 2010, is dedicated to providing a hub for interdisciplinary, academic research in social innovation and entrepreneurship. The purpose of the Centre is to conduct, support and disseminate research that contributes to advancing social innovation and entrepreneurship in New Zealand and internationally. It encompasses research that fits within a scholarly and flexible interpretation of social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Social innovation concerns the application of new ideas and processes or the reapplication of existing ideas in new ways to areas of social value and need and/or with the design and intention of delivering social impact. Often a collaborative approach is employed to provide innovative solutions that help create social change in a myriad of areas ranging, for instance, from environmental sustainability and green issues to public and community service initiatives. Social entrepreneurship relates to entrepreneurial action by organisations and individuals that creates significant social value. It engages with opportunities that create this value, embraces innovation and seeks out better ways to utilise existing resources and build new resources. Research in this domain can include ecopreneurship and green entrepreneurship; sustainability and ethical issues, in addition to not-for-profit, community, charity and philanthropic businesses that have an entrepreneurial approach.

Our Emblem

Harakeke or New Zealand flax has been chosen as the SIERC emblem. Harakeke (Phormium tenax) is different from the European variety of flax with deep meaning for Maori, as well as being a resilient plant used in traditional Maori weaving. It symbolises the concerted effort and resilience necessary for social innovation and change; the collaborative research approach and partnerships embodied in SIERC; and our commitment to entwining research excellence with knowledge advancement in a real world context.

Our Whakatauki (Maori proverb)

Nau te rourou, Naku te rourou, ka ora mai te iwi
With your basket and my basket the people will survive

Our Mission

To be a centre of research excellence dedicated to advancing social innovation and entrepreneurship in New Zealand and internationally.

Our Vision

Excellence in social innovation and entrepreneurship research

Our Objectives

  • To become the pre-eminent research centre and knowledge hub for social innovation and entrepreneurship in New Zealand.
  • In association with Government - central, regional and local; professional, business and community groups, to contribute toward social innovation in New Zealand.
  • To undertake collaborative research within Massey University and with other national and international research groupings.
  • To provide collective mentorship and support to associates in the Centre.
  • To develop research partnerships with social goal focused organisations and individuals.
  • To assist undergraduate and postgraduate students to develop research capability, conduct rigorous research and produce quality research outputs in social entrepreneurship and associated subject areas.
  • To assist undergraduate and postgraduate students to develop leadership and advocacy capabilities relevant to creating social value.
  • To attract and support national and international students, scholars and postdoctoral fellows.
  • To contribute to building leadership imbued with social values and vision.
  • To focus attention on the importance of social goals in business through teaching, research, professional and community presentations and publications.
  • To obtain internal and external funding to undertake the work of the Centre.

Latest News

Social Innovation & Responsible Innovation

See new article by SIERC Director and affiliate on why and how research in these two fields of innovation studies can grow closer:
Bolz, K. and de Bruin, A. (2019) ‘Responsible innovation and social innovation: Toward an integrative research framework’
International Journal of Social Economics
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A Research Agenda for Social Entrepreneurship - Edward Elgar

This collection edited by Anne de Bruin and Simon Teasdale will be published mid-2019.
View Table of Contents:

Social Innovation in NZ: Cultural Values

SIERC’s Director and Research Assistant have two 2018 articles on this topic:

  1. de Bruin, A, & Read, C. (2018) "Towards understanding social innovation in multicultural societies: Implications of Māori cultural values for social innovation in New Zealand", Social Enterprise Journal
    View article
  2. de Bruin, A, & Read, C. (2018). Social innovation in New Zealand: Cultural values matter. In J. Howaldt, C. Kaletka, A. Schröder & Zirngiebl, M. (Eds) Atlas of Social Innovation: New Practices for a Better Future. SI Drive, Dortmund, pp. 164-166. View article

Atlas of Social Innovation – Available now

Atlas of Social Innovation: New Practices for a Better Future. SI Drive, Dortmund, pp. 164-166. Available: www.socialinnovationatlas.net ISBN 978-3-921823-96-5

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