Keynote Speech - Professor Eleanor Shaw

Professor Eleanor shawProfessor Eleanor Shaw is Principal Investigator of the Individual and Business Giving Research Programme which is located within the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship at Strathclyde Business School, Glasgow, Scotland. An established researcher, Professor Shaw’s research interests explore the interface between entrepreneurship and marketing. She is especially interested in the use of entrepreneurial capital including the impact which access to finance, education, entrepreneurial experiences, social capital and reputation can have on new venture creation and success, particularly within the context of social enterprises. Eleanor’s research has been published in leading journals including the British Journal of Management, Business History, the European Marketing Journal, Entrepreneurship, Theory and Practice and the International Small Business Journal. The issues on which her research concentrates are relevant to developing theory, policy and practice about and in social enterprises and her research has been supported by a range of organisations including the Barclays Bank, the Cabinet Office (UK Government), the Carnegie Trust, the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)and the Scottish Government.

Professor Shaw’s lecture will explore new trends in the giving of high net worth entrepreneurs currently involved in philanthropy. Making use of fresh empirical evidence, her lecture will consider what we mean by ‘entrepreneurial philanthropy’ and question whether this is an established entrepreneurial practice or an emerging phenomenon. She will discuss wealthy entrepreneurs’ investment of time, money, reputation and contacts in social enterprises and social innovations and critically consider the implications both for entrepreneurs and the social enterprises and innovations which their philanthropy supports. Importantly, Professor Shaw will explore the context for contemporary entrepreneurs’ involvement in philanthropy and provide insights into both their motivations and the impact which their giving can have on global and local agenda’s for social change.

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