Call for Papers

The New Zealand Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Centre is pleased to announce the 2013 Massey University Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference will be held at Massey University’s Innovation Campus, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand, on 27-29 November 2013.

The conference theme Blurring Boundaries, Transcending Barriers captures the flexibility essential for collaborative action and novel thinking in this emerging scholarly field. Following on from our successful inaugural 2011 conference, participants are encouraged to explore new ways to advance the theory and practice of social innovation and social entrepreneurship.

Paper Submissions

We invite theoretical or empirically informed full papers that explore and contribute to the understanding of social innovation and entrepreneurship. Papers will be accepted on the basis of the submission of an abstract – 750 words in length (minimum 500, maximum 1,000) excluding key references (please cite around 3-5 references in the abstract). Abstracts should use the following headings: Topic (including the research issue or question the paper seeks to address); Method; Results & Implications (either in terms of the development of understanding if a theoretical contribution, or in relation to data if empirical). Full papers will be published in conference proceedings. Please submit abstracts to

Special Sessions

Proposals for special sessions on a specific topic are also invited. These sessions can be academic, and/or practice and policy focused. We encourage special sessions that will provoke debate and stimulate dialogue in terms of both their topic and format (e.g. World Café type discussion). Please format session proposals as follows:

  • Session title
  • Name, affiliation, email, and other contact details of organiser or up to three co-organisers
  • Description of the session (500 words); include titles of papers, if it is to be a paper based session.
  • Five key words that capture its essence.
  • Biographical sketch (up to 100 words) of each organiser

Please send proposals direct to SIERC’s Director, Professor Anne de Bruin at

Papers and special sessions explicitly linked to the Conference theme are particularly welcome. Some suggested topics include:

  • Forging partnerships & effective collaborative dynamics
  • Transformational leadership in the context of social enterprises, entrepreneurship & innovation
  • Social action or political inaction?
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or corporate Social responsibility (cSr)?
  • Social entrepreneurship and innovation of Māori; indigenous and ethnic groups
  • Social finance - shifting government responsibility? Resource considerations
  • Social innovation and entrepreneurship as opportunity
  • Case studies of social entrepreneurs and/or social enterprises
  • Innovative governance in the context of social enterprise
  • Measurement of social impact and innovation; performance assessment; and issues related to successful scaling
  • Ecopreneurship and green entrepreneurship perspectives
  • Digital technology and social enterprises/nonprofit organisations
  • Beyond the local – Internationalization and scaling of social innovation and enterprises
  • Cross-cultural studies in social entrepreneurship and social innovation
  • Raising awareness, educational approaches to solving societal problems
  • Characteristics of social entrepreneurs and implications for enactment (e.g. age, gender etc.)

This multi-disciplinary conference will appeal to all those interested in finding solutions to social challenges and in advancing understanding of social innovation, social enterprise and social entrepreneurship from multiple perspectives. Academics, policymakers, social innovators and social entrepreneurs are welcome! In addition, we welcome contributions from post-graduate students.

Important Deadlines

  • 26 August 2013 ~~ Abstract submissions close
  • 1 August 2013 ~~ Special session proposals close
  • 31 August 2013 ~~ Acceptance notification of papers
  • 31 August 2013 ~~ Acceptance notification of special sessions
  • 1 November 2013 ~~ Deadline for full paper submission

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