Keynote Address - Professor Jane Farmer

Social Enterprise and wellbeing: an impactful space

The talk will discuss some 'experimental' studies using geographical theory to explore, explain and even measure, what happens for participants in social enterprises and then how this impacts on their everyday community life. It considers the wellbeing relationship between social enterprises, participants and the community. As well as expanding horizons by considering theories from geography as providing useful tools, the talk will give insights into the transformational and moving journeys of some social enterprise participants. These individuals have experienced social enterprise as a space with the potential for wellbeing realisation.

Jane Farmer - Keynote Address, SIERC 2016 Innovation Conference Professor Jane Farmer
Associate Pro Vice Chancellor, Research,
College of Science, Health & Engineering.
La Trobe University, Australia

Jane was previously Head of the La Trobe Rural Health School (2010-13). In 2010, Jane came to La Trobe from Scotland where she was Co-Director of the Centre for Rural Health Research & Policy, a jointly run research institute between two universities, University of Aberdeen and University of the Highlands & Islands (UHI).

Jane’s current research interests are in community and citizen engagement and involvement, co-designing and co-producing health services and measuring outcomes of this as a means to increase health literacy (& therefore health) and civil participation. Jane is also engaged on research on ways to measure the difference made to health and wellbeing through participation in new institutions and modes within contemporary society, particularly the role of social enterprise in improving health and wellbeing. Jane has written extensively on rural health services and led ground-breaking projects around working with communities to produce health services, including the current NHMRC funded Rural ECOH project that engages rural community members in Queensland & Victoria in improving dental and oral health through understanding and applying the evidence base.

In Scotland, Jane led a 5-country European Union (EU) funded project on community health co-production which won an EU RegioStars award (2011-12). Another project on community participation – Remote Service Futures – won a Scottish Government innovation award (2010-11).

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